Free Resources including Poetry

#NEW# from Bob

‘I’m trying to write my own responses to a chosen concept and text used in ‘Opening Doors’. I’ve also added some typical OD strategies at the foot of my short story so, if you like it, please use it with your classes as a link reader. Let’s all keep writing for pleasure. The chosen concept is ‘atmosphere and anticipation’ from ‘Opening Doors to a Richer English Curriculum, 10-13’ and a unit called ‘A Ghost Mystery for Flaxman Low’. So, here is my ghost story and I hope you enjoy it:

Ghost Story 2020

Illustration to complement the ghost story by Victoria Cox!

ghost story illustration

‘Baelbrow’ featuring Flaxman Low is a unit in the latest 10-13 book found here:

Do let me have any feedback! Keep chilled!

Free 15 minute modules on selected units from ‘Opening Doors’.

We are really excited about our growing suite of free online resources which are independent in themselves but link with units in the ‘Opening Doors’ series. Do take a look and choose one to start with! They can be used for remote learning or as lessons in the classroom! Each one is a commentary with tuition and suggestions for explorations and writing from one of the ‘Opening Doors’ team:

You can read more about the resources on the home page:

Opening Doors

To find out more about the books and have the chance to purchase them see here:

Webinar for Bucks Teacher Learning Day

Please enjoy understanding more about including all learners in a challenging English curriculum:

‘Opening Doors to Challenging Reading for ALL Learners’


About half the units in each of the ‘Opening Doors’ books are on poetry. See the crown house links for the poems used and the titles. Work through from this 6-9 book:

You may find these lists useful as starting points for discovering poets and poems. That’s all any list can be!

Poetry Suggestions KS3

Poetry Suggestions Primary

This is a webinar made for ‘The National Association of Advisers in English’. In it, I explain the importance of poetry and how the opening doors strategies can help access, enjoyment and achievement.

Example Units

So many teachers are asking about the ‘Opening Doors’ series as a whole with the new books being published that I thought I would post some full units for you to peruse and use from ‘Opening Doors to Quality Writing’, one example for ages 6-9 and one for 10-13.
Please let me have any resulting pupils’ work for consideration for the site here, kindly run by Crown House. You will see many examples and they are very inspiring.

Crown House Pupils’ Work

Free Resources

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins and Slowly by James Reeves

Slowly 6 to 9 (1)

The Woman in White 10 to 13 (1)

To find out more about the books and have the chance to purchase them see here:

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