Pitching High



Bob has supported almost 500 schools and many organisations with initiatives to inspire all learners. Why not pitch lesson aspiration as high as possible but devise scaffolds and ‘opening doors’ interventions to include everyone in a shared, exciting curriculum?  Here are some examples:

  • Key-notes on ‘pitching high’ at the Optimus More Able conference and in The Isle of Man, 2018
  • Specific Inset at courses and conferences across England and in Europe
  • Topics include:
    1. Routes to Outstanding Teaching and Learning
    2. Mastery Learning and Greater Depth
    3. New Journeys in English (see “Award winning books: Opening Doors” page)
    4. Chairing and presenting at Optimus ‘Mastery Learning’ national conference, 2017

Examples with delegates comments:

  • Key-note speeches and inset days on ‘routes to outstanding’:
    “It is refreshing to be given so many practical tips to add to our ‘toolkits’.  Bob is an inspirational speaker – his passion and conviction shines through.”
    (Local Authority Conference)

  • National, international and local authority conferences on gifted/talented education:
    “I loved the ideas and I am excited to get back and share them.  It was fantastic!.”
    (International conference in Prague)

Literacy for able learners at many venues and with associated resources:
“A fantastic, informative day.  I have been inspired to take ideas into the classroom.  I feel more confident to challenge able pupils.”
(Conference for teachers from many schools)

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