Pitching High

Bob has supported almost 450 schools and many local authorities with initiatives to include and inspire the more able.  Here are some examples:

  • Training and supporting Leading Teachers for a number of local authorities
  • Specific Inset at courses and conferences across England and in Europe
  • Topics include:
    1. Routes to Outstanding Teaching and Learning
    2. Mastery Learning and Greater Depth
    3. New Journeys in English (see “Award winning books: Opening Doors” page)
    4. Delivering ‘Pitching High’ key-note at The Chiltern Academy Trust in Luton, 2017
    5. Chairing and presenting at Optimus ‘Mastery Learning’ national conference, 2017
  • Organising and Presenting at National Conferences
  • During 2012, Bob has presented his ideas about outstanding learning and literacy at international conferences in The Czech Republic and Spain

Examples with delegates comments:

  • Key-note speeches and inset days on ‘routes to outstanding’:
    “It is refreshing to be given so many practical tips to add to our ‘toolkits’.  Bob is an inspirational speaker – his passion and conviction shines through.”
    (Local Authority Conference)
  • Conferences and in-house insets on differentiation/extension across the UK:
    “This course has given me so much more than most.  All of the information shared was useful and purposeful and so much better as a way to raise standards.  It all made perfect sense..”
    (Conference run via Peak Consultancy for many schools)
  • National, international and local authority conferences on gifted/talented education:
    “I loved the ideas and I am excited to get back and share them.  It was fantastic!.”
    (International conference in Prague)

Literacy for able learners at many venues and with associated resources:
“A fantastic, informative day.  I have been inspired to take ideas into the classroom.  I feel more confident to challenge able pupils.”
(Conference for teachers from many schools)

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